Formulary for laboratory animals

Iowa State University Press | 01/01/1995
Tipología Laboratorios (p) Servicios Hospitalarios Servicios Centrales Diagnóstico y Tratamiento Laboratorios Varios Documentación Bibliografias Formulary for laboratory animals

Páginas: 101 pág.
ISBN: 0-8138-2422-2
This revised edition is a "must have" for any veterinarian or technician who treats lab animals or pocket pets. Designed to fit in a lab coat pocket, the second edition is much more comprehensive than the first.

Seven hundred more drug dosages and 120 new drugs have been added-more than doubling the content of the previous edition. A new chapter on allometric scaling of drug dosages is included, which truly makes this reference an "all-in-one" source of information.

This formulary continues to be referenced within the five groups of drugs: analgesics, anaesthetics, anti-infectives, parasiticides, and miscellaneous drugs. The authors have also added four new tables of information to this edition, in addition to the eight previously included.

Drug dosages are given for all the commonly used laboratory animals, and each dose is referenced. Warnings are given on the side effects of drugs in certain species. The formulary is arranged using chemical names of drugs, but some trade names are used for drug combinations to direct the reader to the appropriate chemical names.

The range of species in this new edition makes it an invaluable resource for today's diverse veterinary practice. In addition to rodents, there are dosages given for nonhuman primates, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, dogs, cats, ferrets, and farm animals.
Hawk, C. Terrance; Leary, Steven L.

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